Thanehomes a division of Northeast Property Management is highly trusted website amongst the users for protection of your personal Information.

This Privacy Policy describes the manner in which Thanehomes collects, holds, and uses personal information. If you wish to make any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, you should contact Thanehomes’ Privacy Officer by email at the following address:

Thanehomes may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology. All personal information held by Thanehomes will be governed by its most recent policy, posted on this website.

1. What is "Personal Information

2. When do we collect Personal Information?

3. Information collected via this website

  1. Thanehomes will collect Personal Information about visitors to this website when they knowingly provide it or as otherwise described below. For example, Thanehomes will collect Personal Information from users of its website when they inquire on Thanehomes website (as a buyer or seller) or add to their details on selected properties on the Thanehomes website.
  2. When you visit and browse this website, the Thanehomes website host will collect Personal Information for statistical, marketing, reporting and maintenance purposes.
  3. This information will be used to identify you and may include:
    • The number of users visiting this website or a property listing and the number of pages viewed;
    • The date, time and duration of a visit;
    • Your physical location; or
    • The path taken through this website.
  4. Thanehomes’ website host uses this information to administer and improve the performance of this website and to provide de-identified generic data to people who have listed their property on this website.
  5. Cookies are small text files that are transferred to a user's computer hard drive by a website for the purpose of storing information about a user's identity, browser type or website visiting patterns.
  6. If you access this website, a cookie may be downloaded onto your computer's hard drive when you first log onto this website and if it is, it will be automatically deleted when you log out or close your web browser.
  7. Web beacons are images that originate from a third party site to track visitor activities. Thanehomes may use web beacons to track the visiting patterns of individuals accessing this website.

4. How Thanehomes uses the Personal Information it collects about you

  1. Provide you with products or services you have requested
  2. Personalise and customise your experiences with this website.
  3. Help Thanehomes research the needs of its users and to market its products and services with a better understanding of your needs and the needs of users generally.
  4. Communicate with you.
  5. Provide de-identified data about Thanehomes customers to advertisers or merchants to assist advertisers and merchants to provide the most relevant products to Thanehomes website users.
  6. Provide de-identified data about Thanehomes customers to advertisers and merchants to sell advertising space on the Thanehomes website
  7. Provide de-identified data about a property listing to the individual that listed the property on this website.
  8. Other Personal Information provided voluntarily by you is used to better understand Thanehomes’ users and to help improve and promote its services.
  9. Thanehomes will only collect and use your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as notified to you at the point of collection.
  10. If you contact Thanehomes by email for assistance with or information on the operation of the website, you authorise Thanehomes to contact you by telephone (if you have provided this) in order to service your enquiry/problem.
  11. If you choose not to provide your Personal Information to Thanehomes for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, the only consequence for you will be that we will not be able to provide you with the requested service.

5. To whom we disclose your Personal Information

  1. Thanehomes discloses the de-identified information about its website users, customers and potential customers to current and potential advertisers and merchants on the Thanehomes website to enable them to connect users with relevant products which match the users' needs and wants.
  2. Thanehomes may also disclose your Personal Information to our website host in certain limited circumstances, for example when our website experiences a technical problem, to ensure that it operates in an effective and secure manner.
  3. Thanehomes may disclose your personal information to third parties as required for your use of the Thanehomes website or any of its services, for example Thanehomes may disclose your information to a vendor or their agent if you submit a query regarding a property, or to real estate agents if you our services.
  4. If you choose to become a customer of the Thanehomes website, the information accessible to other website users is limited to the following:
    1. Your name;
    2. The address of the property listed by you for sale;
    3. Your property photo(s) (if provided by you);
    4. Your email address; and
    5. Your telephone number (if provided by you).

6. Marketing

  1. Thanehomes may use your Personal Information to provide you with promotional material about Thanehomes or status reports on your property or on any of the services offered by Thanehomes whether you are a seller, a buyer or a member. If you do not wish to receive this type of promotional material, you can contact Thanehomes’ Privacy Officer by email at the following address: at any stage in the future so that we can remove your name from our marketing lists. If you choose not to receive this type of promotional material, you may limit some of the services you receive from Thanehomes.
  2. Otherwise, Thanehomes will not disclose any of your Personal Information to any other organisation unless the disclosure is required by law or is otherwise permitted by the National Privacy Principles.

7. Updating, storage and security of Personal Information held by Thanehomes

  1. Thanehomes aims to keep your Personal Information secure and up to date. Any Personal Information or financial information that is collected via this website or which is held on Thanehomes’ computer systems are protected by safeguards including physical, technical and procedural methods.
  2. Thanehomes does not collect sensitive information about its users via its website.
  3. Personal Information and financial information that is held by Thanehomes in hard copy is stored securely on its premises and is only disclosed or used for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.
  4. You can update your contact and profile information at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer on the number above. If we find that we have no further need for your Personal Information or financial information we will remove it from our system and destroy all record of it. Thanehomes welcomes any changes to your details so as to keep our records up to date.

8. Privacy Disclaimer